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Download Free and Open Source Social Engenering Framework [SEF] For Phishing & Fake Emails

You would say that today's topic is lame PHISHING but let me tell you that phishing is not so lame, it helps a lot (in anyways). And this topic is not just copying the source code of login page, no script work, nothing like this. It's a framework attack.

It’s a free and open source Social Engineering Framework (SCRIPT) that helps the phishing attacks and fake emails. and it’s includes phishing pages, fake email, fake email with file attachment and other stuff that helps you in Social Engineering Attack. The application is coded in PHP and it has a  very good interface that called Metro interface.


SEF (Social Engineering Framework) V 1.0 Features

Metro Interface

Coded in PHP 

User Friendly

All Modern Browser Supportable

Phishing With MySQL DataBase

Phishing Data arranged by MYSQL Databse.

Fake Email

Fake Email With Attachment Support

Fake Email With Boombing  [Avilable in Ver 2.0]

SEF Login Page


SEF  Forgot Password  Recovery


SEF  Dashboard


SEF  Phishing Links Page


SEF  Phishing  Data Page


SEF  Fake Email Basic Interface


SEF  Fake Email  Advanced Interface



 Download : SEF v1.0

Now let me tell you how to configure it for Real Action

Step 1: First create the database named "sef".



Step 2: Now open the browser and upload the folder of SEN to the server.

Step 3 : Goto PhpMyAdmin and  Import sef.sql file. 



Step 4: Select sef database and navigate to sef_mainuser table.



Step 5: change username and password row.

Step 6: Let's have a look at db.php file.


Step 7: Set base name, server name, username and passowrd 

For Example [000WebHost]

$base=" a3786786_sef ";
$user=" a3786786_sef ";

Step 8: Open the URL

Step 9: Login with your creadintial.

 Enjoy or Have Fun.................

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  1. good job sir! how can the phishing data be sent to an email address instead of seeing it on the SEF page or db.



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