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Kon-Boot – The Fastest Way to Remove a Windows Password

Computer pranks are the easiest and one of the most fun small scale pranks. Getting on someone’s computer and changing their background, messing with their desktop, or changing their homepage can lead to a good laugh, granted the person is a good sport.

But getting onto someone’s computer when they are not around can be a tall task.  Most people have passwords on their machines, thwarting any would-be pranksters.

Well, this problem can be solved with a small tool called KON-BOOT. Rather than cracking a Windows password, KON-BOOT bypasses it and lets you into the computer without typing one in. Then, when you restart, everything is back to normal.


KON-BOOT is probably my favorite Windows password reset program, mainly because it's so fast and easy to use. The KON-BOOT password hacking tool has to be the easiest, and fastest, free Windows password recovery tool I've used. It's actually a password reset tool as many of these programs, like ONTP&RE and PC Login Now, are.

However, KON-BOOT works in an entirely different way than those other Windows password reset/deleting tools so it's an excellent alternative if they haven't worked out for you.

Just download KON-BOOT. It can work on a USB flash drive, CD-ROM, or floppy diskette.


Download : KON-BOOT V2.0

How To Use Kon-Boot


Download either the CD ISO or floppy image. For most uses, the CD will be just fine.

You will have to unzip the downloaded file and then burn the CD image or copy the floppy Image. After that is done, Now Pop in the CD and turn on the computer, making sure you boot from the CD.  This may require you to hit F12 at the BIOS screen and choose to boot from the CD.  You’ll know you’re there when you see the following.

At any time, hit Enter and you should see an ASCII art logo draw onto the screen and a few loading dialogs that should look something like this.

        computer pranks

The computer should then boot Windows and, if everything worked, you shouldn’t be prompted for a password.  Now you’re ready to do what you want.

Note: Make Use Of does not encourage using this tool for malicious purposes.

Program Description

Kon-Boot will temporarily remove the password.

No installation is required - all password resetting is done from bootable disc or flash drive.

Kon-Boot is easy and fast, making the password reset task in Windows one of the most efficient I've seen.

ISO download is very small, a stark contrast to the huge download required for a true password recovery program like Ophcrack.


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  1. It's very nice. But the download link of KON-BOOT V2.0 directs me to a 404 error page. Could you upload it again? Thank you!

  2. Now I have removed my forgotten admin password on my laptop using another program - PCUnlocker. Thank you any way!

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