Thursday, May 17, 2012

Open Source Admin Page Finder Tool (Perl Script)

Today many tools are available for found admin pages. Tools make works easy and saving our time. Admin Page Finding tools which scans the vulnerable websites for administrator login pages. It makes use of a predefined list for finding the admin login pages. After finding the pages, it may present us the page on which we can login with the administrator password.  

Actually finding admin page is nothing but just a directory of a particular website“. 

Admin Finder Script is an open source script which is designed in Perl Language. For use this tool we need to install Active Pearl on our machine.

The things you need 

Download : Active Perl


After install Perl for launching the Admin Finder Perl Script we have to use the command prompt.  For launching this application just go to the path directory of our Perl and type the name of the exploit.

Here our script is working now just fill in the name of the site whose admin page we want to find for the further security assessments. And in the page type just type ‘any’ for the language input.


 In the image below we can see that it’s finding the admin page in website by matching the page name with its Pre-built database

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  1. hi
    ur trick is not working! :(

    i gave ur website url for finding the admin page the adminfinder showed lots of url for admin page not a single one exist here is what it showed


  2. i think HAVij is good tool for sql can also find admin page from some editing i create by default 1300 possible admin link for havij.

  3. Mr. cool tom try it on another website. Its 100% working.



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