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How to Set Up a Personal Home Web Server & Host Your Website on Your Computer

When some people think of web servers, they automatically think of websites hosted by someone else. These are usually the same people who don't know the difference between internet and intranet. The only important difference between the two is how the networks are set up, with one being public and one being private.  


The Purpose of a Personal Web Server

A personal web server can be used for many things, but my purpose for having one in place is for web application software designing and testing. Some people call this a sandbox. Free Web hosting sites removing you phishing pages? So it is solution to phishers. Basically we are going to turn our PC to a server.

What is a Web sever  

A web server is the combination of computer and the program installed on it. Web server interacts with the client through a web browser. It delivers the web pages to the client and to an application by using the web browser and he HTTP protocols respectively. 
A computer connected to the Internet for providing the services to a small company or a departmental store may contain the HTTP server (to access and store the web pages and files), SMTP server (to support mail services), FTP server ( for files downloading) and NNTP server (for newsgroup).

Web Server Software

There are many varieties of Web server software to serve different forms of data.
The Apache Web Server is the most popular web server software being used the majority of web hosting companies, so it makes sense to use it for a personal web server as well. WampServer, XAMPP for Windows and EasyPHP are just some of the Windows applications which include Apache. 

You can download Web Server Software Here

Download : XAMPP for Windows
Download : WAMP Server
Download : Apache Web Server
Download : Easy PHP
This packages consists of Apache HTTP server (A), MySQL database (M), php (P),Perl (P) and X represents cross platforms.

After downloading it, simply install it .
* Note: In this tutorial, we will show you how to install XAMPP and Configure for hosting.


Click OK and the installation will begin by creating a directory on C:\ (if you accepted the default) named ‘xampp’. Now all files will be installed to ‘C:\xampp’. Allow the installation routine to run until you see the following screen:

At last stage on installation you will get this . Press Enter to start XAMPP control panel.

The control panel would look like this


Click Start to start apache server. Now lets check whether its working, Open your web browser and visit your local machine address that is or localhost. 

* If everything is working properly, you should see the following screen:

Now check whether it is accessible on internet. Type your Public/External Ip in your web browser and hit enter. If you got a Access Forbidden like error  than follow the instructions:

1. Go to file C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd-xampp.conf

2. Remove "deny from all" and save the file.

3.  Now restart the server and hopefully it would be all right now.

Now Set You Page or Website

There must be a directory 'htdocs' at location C:\xampp\. The contents of this particular directory will be available to everybody. Suppose you place a file index.html in 'htdocs' directory. It would be accessible at

http://localhost/ or ( Obviously above two links gonna work on your own computer only.)

Or (where is your IP address) 

* Note: You might need do port forwarding if you are behind a router.

Get a Domain or Use Static IP

We now our IP is dynamic and we want static IP Don’t worry, we have a solution.
How to Use Dynamic IP as a Static IP (My old Post) Click on to read more 

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