Monday, May 7, 2012

Download Ebook : Quick and Accessible Way to Learn HTML


If you are building your own Web pages and need HTML solutions fast, then this book is for you-whether you're new to Web site authoring or you need a quick refresher on how to create a table. Open the book and you'll discover clear, easy-to-follow instructions for more than 250 key HTML Web tasks, each presented in ten quick steps-or less. Easy-to-navigate pages, lots of screen shots, and to-the-point directions guide you through every common (and not so common) HTML challenge-and help you get more done in less time.

 Each solution is ten steps-or less-to help you get the job done fast 

Self-contained two-page spreads deliver the answers you need-without flipping pages 

A no-fluff approach focuses on helping you achieve results

A resource packed with useful and fun ways to get the most out of HTML

    Download : HTML in 10 Steps or Less

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