Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Use Your Dynamic IP As Static IP

Hello Readers, In this post we will discuss how to use static IP address as Dynamic IP address. As we know Hacker needs a static IP which is really very expensive for a normal person to have. Here we will discus how we can counter this problem.


What is Static IP and Dynamic IP

As the name implies Static IP addresses are the same every time you connect. Dynamic IP addresses may change each time you connect to the Internet. Dynamic IP addresses are the normal customer access method used by most ISPs or Service Providers. When using dynamic IP addresses, even if you are permanently connected (always-on) some ISPs/Service Providers change dynamic IP addresses every 24 hours, others change less frequently (monthly or even longer in certain cases). Check your local ISP's policy on IP address change frequency. The change of IP address is typically carried out between your ISP/Service Providers network and your local (on-site) DSL or other modem using the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP). You will see no operational effect when the IP address changes - but neither will you be able to stop the process.

For in this trick we will use DNS redirect service, Now go to   

Alternatively you can also use

First of all register with by clicking on “No-IP Free” on home page. After you complete registration form hey will send you an confirmation e-mail, once confirmed, then you can log in to your account.

Now click on “Hosts/Redirect”, then type the host redirect name you want to which Dynamic DNS will redirect traffic after associating your IP. Let other options remain as it is if you don't know what they do. 

Now create your host name. Now download “Download Client”. After installing DUC client type your e-mail address and password.

To check its working or not, type and check your IP address now ping the host name you created both will have same IP address.

Note : Please note that this solution is temporary and can never really take place of static IP but for now it will work. 

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