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Top 10 Best Websites to Send Free Sms in India


Just as the new year and the Holidays season Passed around , all of you would have wanted to wish your family members , close relatives and friends on the occasions through sending some Cool Sms , but was your wish completed ? Perhaps not , as many companies tend to impose restrictions on such Holidays where users tend to deliver and send more amount of SMS and when they do so they will have to pay for it , Even they have an activated Pack . Have you ever felt the same ?

If so then today in this post , I'll be telling you  a list of those websites which Offers Free SMS sending service and let you send free SMS to friends , even chat via sms , for free sitting Online !

Let's start of with the list :-

1) way2sms


One of the most popular and used website in INDIA for sending free sms in India , The Following are the claims of the site :-

1) With way2sms you can send free sms to any mobile number in India
2) Messages delivered in less than 10 seconds
3) 24000 new users added everyday with 20 million registered users
4)140 characters limit


Another good and popular site to send free sms in India without any Advertisements and very fast delivery time .
Preloaded sms for special occasions with reminder service for its users !

3)  Sms440


If you are looking for sending LONG sms with fast delivery , choose this , yeah it has a limit of 440 characters , the highest in the whole list .
Provides language conversion that allows you to send SMS in any language

4) 160by2

Easy and free to send sms across India , over 12 million users registered so far and the list is growing, if you are looking for a relaible SMS service you should go for it , Limit of 140 characters .

5) Site2sms


Very popular among Indian users , best part a Text limit of 260 characters , which is a very good benefit of this site .


This is another popular site in this category with a character Limit of 140 characters per Sms and is also very fast .

7) Atrochatro


Last but not the least in the List comes Artochatro which allows you to send free Sms across India with a limit of 148 characters .
Site contains predefined Drafts which you can use on various occasions .


With providing sending of free and bulk sms , this site also offers mobile marketing facilities for its users .The message service claims to deliver messages instantly.

9) Jaxtr


This allows a user not only to send SMS in India but also worldwide , yes you can send text message internationally with this and also call with cheap calling rates .

10) Indyarocks


Very popular in India with an advanced feature of enabling and sending Scheduled messages , set the desired time and date , type in your message , forget it , The message will be sent automatically .
Please try these and if you find some new please post here we would review and also add them to the List , Also share your review (Good/bad) about these sites here .

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  1. hey there , thanks for the informative post , i use 160by2 and bollywoodmotions but
    Finally Google has extended its free SMS chat service for Indian users on 10 oct.
    with that you can sent free sms on mobile from your gmail account .
    read more @

  2. thankssssssss huhaaaa!!!!!!!!!



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