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Most Popular Free Web Hosting Service's

When you start blogging we often do not require to buy space or have our own domain on the internet. This is mainly because some people blog just for fun and are not serious about making it a profession or even make money out of it. Ofcourse there are options like and but there are quite a few free website hosting services. I think these websites would be quite useful for designers and programmers to test their products

Here is a list of the top Free Web Hosting services available on the net. As we all know a free web host usually has bad uptime and bad disk space and bandwidth limits. Recently there has been an en flux of new free web hosts that offer the same or better as most premium ones. Here are the best ones so far.


Jimdo is a free service which is ideal for people who are looking to sell things online. 

  • Jimdo allows with free account storage space upto 500 MB.
  • It also supports Photo galleries, widgets and also a store for selling things from your website.
  • One good point about this hosting service when compared to other free services is that it allows adding Flash on it.


110mb as its URl suggest allows free hosting upto 110 MB.

  • allows data exchange of upto 100 GB along with the 110 MB storage space.
  • It does not allow WordPress, Drupal or MySQL databases.
  • It is one of the few free services allowing unique domains!

This Hosting service tops the poll in my opinion. They offer so much for the free user, its incredible and best of all they have very good uptime with unlimited add-on domains.
Gives you:
  • 5 GB disk space per account with unlimited account per users
  • 50 GB of monthly data transfer

Gives you:
  • 5.5 GB disk space
  • 200 GB of monthly data transfer

Gives you:
  • 250 MB disk space
  • 6 GB of monthly data transfer

Gives you:
  • 350 MB disk space
  • 15 GB of monthly data transfer


Gives you:
  • 1.5 GB disk space
  • 100 GB of monthly data transfer


Very Good solid hosting service with instant activation, so no waiting. Uptime is good and they offer excellent customer service, definitely one to look at

ByeHost Gives You:
  • Disk Space: 5500 MB
  • Data Transfer: 200gb/month

Very reliable host with unlimited email features.Good help and support.

Mister Host Gives You:
  •  Disk Space: 250 MB
  • Data Transfer: 5gb/month

Gives you:
  • 150 MB disk space
  • 4 GB of monthly data transfer

Gives you:
  • 150 MB disk space
  • 4 GB of monthly data transfer

Webs is meant for very limited users but is a free hosting service. 
  • Webs allows upto 40 MB disk space and 500 MB monthly data transfer.
  • It also supports a single FTP account.
  • does not support MySQL databases and also programming languages.


This list of 5 website hosting services are really useful. I hope this list can help you start your first website. I’m sure there are more options lurking somewhere out there, but these are the best that I could find within a few days of searching.
If you know of other good alternatives, please don’t hesitate to share using the comments below.

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