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Make Your keylogger to Undetectable Using Binders and Crypters

The biggest challenge after creating keylogger installation file. You made your Keylogger and send it to your victim but his Antivirus detected the Keylogger file and remove it. I think this problem come in front of everyone so how to solve it? 

Normally free remote keyloggers will create standard .exe installation file without any stealth feature. That  keylogger file are easily detected by popular antiviruses. So Eventually your key-logging job will remain Incomplete. 

You would have probably heard about binders and Crypters before, but what do they used for? and why they are used in keylogging process? Let us know about Crypter and Binder. 

What is Crypter? 

It is a software that can encrypt executable (.exe) files. Crypters are popularly used to encrypt viruses, RAT’s, keyloggers, spywares etc to make them undetectable from antiviruses. 

How Does FUD Crypter Work?

The Crypter takes the original binary file of you exe and applies many encryption on it and stores on the end of file (EOF). So a new crypted executable file is created. The Basic Working Of FUD Crypter is explained below

Original Exe Crypted Exe

001————- 010                                                  101————-110

100|Original File|000       > ->  Cryptor -> ->       010|Original File|110
010————- 111                                                  110————-010

The new exe is not detected by antiviruses because its code is scrambled by the crypter. When executed the new .exe file decrypts the binary file into small the data small pieces at a time and injects them into another already existing process or a new empty one, OR it drops the code into multiple chunks in alternative data streams (not scanned by most a/v) then executes it as a .txt or .mp3 file.  

What is Binder?  

Binder is a software basically used for combine the two or more files in one file under only one name and extension.

The files to be binded can have any extension or icon. The user has choice to select the name, icon and various attributes of binded file.

Why Most FUD Crypters Donot Work?

When any free FUD (Fully Undetectable) crypter/binder becomes popular it also gets the eyes of antivirus companies. The antivirus companies update their software and employ detection mechanism that detect the encryption by the crypter. So, most of the popular FUD crypter are easily detected by antiviruses.

Where can You test Whether your Crypter is FUD or not?

To test you crypter encrypt any virus with it and test it on  
and make sure you check the box Do not distribute the sample

You can try these Crypters and Binders that are available publicly: 

1) Chrome Crypter v2.0


Download:  Chrome Crypter v2 – FUD.rar

2) 0crypter v5.0.8


Download: 0crypter v5.0.8 – FUD.rar

3. Star Crypter v1.2


Download: Star Crypter v1.2

4. Dev Point Crypter v3.0


Download: Dev Point Crypter v3.0

5.  Patch Worx Crypter

* Do not try the ICON CHANGER . Its bugged. Other things are perfect.

  Download: Patch Worx

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