Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joomla Hacking Tools: Hack Joomla With Self-Written Tools By Valentin


Manual testing is awesome, but automated checks are faster and maybe even more reliable. Here are some self-written tools you could use for your purposes.

#1 Joomla QPersonel Exploit :

 #2 Automated Joomla SQL Injection Exploiter

#3 Joomla BF Quiz Exploit  

#4 Column Fuzzer  

     Click to Download

#5 Simple SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner 

#6 Simple Log File Analyzer

#7 Simple Local File Inclusion Exploiter 

    Click to Download

The Simple Log File Analyzer could be used for scanning your Apache log files. It shows if there are hack attempts. 

These tools can help you to exploit vulnerabilities within Joomla or some extensions.

NOTE: Read the help (included in those tools) for details.


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