Saturday, April 7, 2012

Download Ebook For Explore Full SQL Injection Attack & Defence


SQL injection represents one of the most dangerous and well-known, yet misunderstood, security vulnerabilities on the Internet, largely because there is no central repository of information to turn to for help. This is the only book devoted exclusively to this long-established but recently growing threat.

It includes all the currently known information about these attacks and significant insight from its contributing team of SQL injection experts.

- What is SQL injection?-Understand what it is and how it works

- Find, confirm, and automate SQL injection discovery

- Discover tips and tricks for finding SQL injection within the code

- Create exploits using SQL injection

- Design to avoid the dangers of these attacks


For the beginners who don't know Sql Injection Attack Please Reade this article.  SQL Injection -step by step guide.

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