Saturday, March 31, 2012

PharmaSecure - Just Send An SMS And Check Whether Your Medicines Are Genuine Or Fake


Fake drugs is a big problem, the Multi-Billion dollar highly profitable industry have lurked many counterfeit medicines to flood the market. And unlike other “product duplicates”, medicine fakes pose a greater threat to human lives. If this is not enough, checking a medicine for genuineness is not something easily achievable at a users level – as it needs complex analysis with a suitably equipped laboratory.


Technology has always came to our rescue when needed, and to fight the counterfeit medicines we now have a tech solution at hand. Dubbed PharmaSecure the barcoding technology allows consumers to verify the genuineness of medicine purchased by sending a unique identification code found on the product package to PharmaSecure by SMS  (+91-9901099010) , web, voice or mobile application. Within seconds, PharmaSecure sends a response to the consumer confirming that the product is authentic or alerting the consumer if it is suspect or expired.


The PharmaSecure system is being successfully working in India, and is expected to soon get supporters world-over.

PharmaSecure :

                                                      PharmaSecure In Action


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