Thursday, January 5, 2012

Protect Your Privacy With The World's Most Popular Pro-Privacy, Anti-Censorship Software

Ultrasurf is a proxy client, which is a program designed to allow end users to circumvent gateway security devices like web filters and secure web gateways in order to surf the Internet without restrictions.
Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become the world's most popular pro-privacy, anti-censorship software, with millions of people using it to bypass firewalls and protect their identity online.

UltraSurf  Features: 

PRIVACY Protect your privacy online with anonymous surfing and browsing. Ultrasurf hides your IP address,
clears browsing history, cookies, and more.
SECURITY A high level of encryption and completely transparent data transfer allows you to surf the web securely.

Bypass firewalls to browse the internet freely.



Why Use Ultrasurf?

» Bypass firewalls
» Encrypt your activities
» Circumvent censors
» Mask your IP address
» No installation required
» Untraceable
» Fast page loads
» Easy to use

Download link :

UltraSurf Home Page

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